Obama Inaugural: Audio of “Air and Simple Gifts”, Obama’s Oath of Office, and Obama’s Inaugural

I had the idea last night to put my radio SHARK 2 and Radioshift to good use: recording Obama’s inauguration. My audio started from 11:30 a.m. Eastern and goes through 1:00 p.m., so if there’s any audio in that timespan you’d like [Rick Warren’s invocation, Joseph Lowery’s benediction, Joe Biden’s oath, etc.], I’ll splice it out for you. But I thought that these three cuts symbolized the day.

Some technical notes before I get started:

  1. These recordings are my own, and are shared under a Creative Commons 2.0 license by geoF:stop media.
  2. These recordings were made legally, from my understanding of the law, but if this is not your understanding—especially if you work for National Public Radio, or WLRH here in Huntsville [where I am a member], please let me know.
  3. All photos used for album art were Creative Commons-licensed on Flickr. URLs for the originals are below.
  4. Click any cover image to download that MP3, or use the audio player below them to stream the audio. I want people to download the audio, and I don’t mind if you share this with your friends. However, please use the links provided so I can track how many downloads I have; right-click to save the full URL, please. [Most times, Web hosts would be cringing at such an offering, but I host myself on a dedicated server I lease. That said, “Do you hear me baby? Hold together.”

“Air and Simple Gifts”

I loved this arrangement by John Williams of the old Shaker hymn. The photo I chose for this MP3 was, perhaps, the most striking portrait I saw today: a man watching the inauguration in Times Square.

Photo by Tristan Brand
Photo by Tristan Brand

[6.6MB, 5:14]

“Oath of Office”

Listen for yourself as Chief Justice John Roberts and President Barack Obama both fumble the Oath of Office!

Photo by jurvetson
Photo by jurvetson

[2MB, 0:55]

“Obama’s Inaugural Address”

I loved BL1961’s “fractalius art portrait” of Obama giving his address:

Photo/Portrait by BL1961
Photo/Portrait by BL1961

[18.6MB, 19:02]

My fellow Americans: whether you voted or not, whether you voted for him or someone else, Barack Obama is our President. This is our country. Let’s work, together, to make it the best America it can be.