iPad App/Folder Symmetry

Like any good Apple dork, I updated my iPad to iOS 4.2 today and started organizing my apps into folders. I knew I wanted some kind of symmetry in them, so I started with two rows of most-used apps: top and bottom row, because that’s where your hands are most likely to be. That works great in portrait layout, but not so much in landscape. What I came across was this: twelve most-used apps. In portrait, the top and bottom rows are just apps. In the ones just inside those, the outer spots have apps. All others are filled with folders. The result looks like the below:

As you can see, this gets you symmetry regardless of orientation, gets all your apps on one screen, and leaves you six app folders, which can each hold 20 apps. There are probably other combinations, but this is the one that I came to in playing around tonight.

[Sorry for the background image of the Shuttle being slightly offset to the left; it makes things look off.]