My Two Favorite Albums of 2011

I didn’t procure many albums this year, given my un(der)employment. Most of what I got was purchased when I was working a little or far more often when people bought stuff for me and/or gave me Amazon gift certificates. ((You know who you are. Thank you.)) Still, I don’t have a ton of new music this year. I only have two albums that I dearly love: Adele’s 21 and Josh Garrels’s Love & War & the Sea in Between, which I wrote about back in July. There’s not much for me to say about 21 that hasn’t been said better by others. I will say that “Someone Like You” makes me sad because of how co-dependent it is. “One and Only” is a killer torch song and is the best track for my money.

Given that you can still get L&W&tSiB for free, go spend $10 and get two great albums. Go on.

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Josh Garrels – Love & War & the Sea in Between

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Accompanied vocal music is about three things: the lyrics to be sung, the voice and intonation of the singer, and the instrumental music that accompanies the singer. At its best, the three elements are integrated into a taut line tying the spear that pierces your heart to the songwriter. Even when you have two of the three pieces involved, you can still have something powerful, but the three forces combined are overpowering.

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Musical tastes vary, but the beauty of having a platform for my voice is that I can make a statement. I’ve been fully consumed by three records so far this year, in order: The Avett Brothers’ I and Love and You, Adele’s 21, and Josh Garrels’s Love & War & the Sea in Between. The first two have gotten plenty of deserved publicity, but I wish to shed a little light on Garrels’s work. Fellow Whiskerino Joshua Neds-Fox pointed me to this record, and because I like a lot of the same things that he likes, I gave it a shot.

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