My MITRE Internship

After a string of temp jobs, I actually have landed something in my field!  Be still my beating heart.

Come Monday, June 3rd, I will be an intern at MITRE‘s Center for Connected Government for eight weeks in McLean, Virginia.  So off I go to the land of the Beltway Bandits!

How did I land this?  I was looking at MITRE’s career site for jobs here in Huntsville, saw the internship tab, and decided to give it a shot.  In my best of minds, I was hoping that something would have opened up around here in the meantime, as this was November.  I’ve had a temp job in the interim, along with going to graduate school, but this was the first thing that was really great for a while.  So I’ll get two months up there, it’ll be fun, and it’ll be educational because of what I’ll be doing.  Here are the job descriptions that they threw at me:

  • As a member of MITRE’s Program Management team, you support the Project Management Framework (PMX) PM Architecture and Roadmap Validation initiative by conducting the project reviews which includes preparation of a survey instrument (supported by MITRE SMEs).  This includes defining criteria for identifying current projects for Project Reviews, supporting identification of the projects for review, conducting Current Project Reviews and assessment of results, compilation of the Current Project Review Report, and conduct Lessons Learned and revise PMX products based on Lessons Learned.   This information will be used for the PMX Pilot is the next step in the goal of providing a visual representation of the domains and concepts of management in a modern government organization and the minimum set of interacting processes needed to support it.
  • As a member of MITRE’s Program Management team, you will review commercially-available project leader training and identify the terminal learning objectives. You will work with a pilot group of aspiring project leaders, review their self-assessments against the organization’s competency model, and craft individual development plans at a learning objective level.  You will prepare and deliver a briefing to the Division leadership. The aggregate effect is to raise the project leadership maturity of an organization.

MITRE is very evidence-driven, and as an engineer, I really appreciate that.  I’m going to split my time between those two job descriptions as well as be run through some of their training.  This dovetails very well with my grad school curriculum and, for better, the things that I care about in our field.  It’s a chance to flex some muscles, have some fun, and get paid a little bit.

I’ll be living at George Mason University for the summer, so any of you who live in the area from MSMS, UAH, or other parts of my life have me at your disposal when I’m not working my rear end off, which I expect will be most of the time.