Fully Cleared

I have finished wielding my scythe. I have no unread items. Now, to explain why no more FL and why NNW for now. I’ll do that later; for now, it’s time for more medication for my ear! [It seems to finally be improving, which is nice, because … it’s been painful.] I think I’m going… Continue reading Fully Cleared


I still feel like a big sack of crap—to the point that I came home from work early today because I was dizzy and didn’t want to drive home in traffic—but I got everything done that I needed to get done. I did get the nice ego boost of someone saying, “I felt like my… Continue reading Whittling

12939 Unread Items

Yeah, almost 13k new items in NNW. That’s just from the import of my OPML. The sad thing is this: I can’t just mark all as read, because some of those feeds weren’t getting updated in my old aggregator, so I need to spend a little time with each one to be sure that I… Continue reading 12939 Unread Items

Goodbye, FeedLounge; Hello, Newsgator

I’ll write more about why I, the first release honoree of FeedLounge, am leaving the FeedLounge service behind, but this post primarily notes that I’ve moved to a client-side-married-to-a-server solution: NewsGator‘s offerings are my new feed-reading home. Leave all the questions that I’m sure you’ll have in the comments. I’ll answer at-length soon. But in… Continue reading Goodbye, FeedLounge; Hello, Newsgator