Karin and Linford Get Personal

Christianity Today has a great interview with Karin Bergquist on the highly personal nature of Drunkard’s Prayer, their marriage struggles, etc. It’s a good read … even if it makes you slightly uncomfortable. The album is the same way for me, but it’s so rich and so good.

[Dear Stephen: Take DP home today so Misty can listen to it. ;)]

[HT to Lara, who posted this on The Rumor Forum.]

Posterhänger: IJSM.org Approved

I tossed a couple Over The Rhine posters on my office walls today. I did so using setups from Posterhänger. They’re a little pricey, but it’s sleek, self-leveling, and very clean-looking. I will definitely be ordering more!

Also, I do believe that I am slowly sucking Stephen into the world of OTR. He emailed me about ten days ago with a link to some commentary and audio about Drunkard’s Prayer on Salon, and I asked him if he wanted to borrow my copy. “Gosh, yes. I’ve been really enjoying that CD.”

Somewhere in metro Atlanta, Jeff Holland is smiling.

Late July Music Infusion

As I mentioned, I got a Paste Music Sampler [Sampler IV, to be exact] today. The CDs had come in a while back, but I hadn’t gotten them out of the apartment office. [Why that place keeps bankers’ hours is beyond me!] I now also have:

  • Impossible Dream by Patty Griffin
  • Unspoken Requests by Linford Detweiler
  • I Don’t Think There’s No Need to Bring Nothin’ (Music For First Kind Sight) by Linford Detewiler
  • Grey Ghost Stories by Linford Detweiler

Yes, I had to pick up Linford’s solo piano work. I like the stuff he does for OtR so much that I figured this was a worthy purchase. [Jeff Holland did have some influence, though.] The Patty purchase was .net influenced; I’ll give Carla, Michaela, and Trey the most credit. I’ve seen Patty live, but I’d never heard a thing she’d done before that day. I have a far greater appreciation for her talent now! 🙂

And yes, I do seem to keep getting music at the end of each month. What’s odd is that I’d ordered all the above discs sometime in May…

Toledo and I-75

are we dead or alive
drivin’ I-75
hard to say either way

— Over the Rhine, “Toledo”, The Cutting Room Floor

No kidding. It’s really, really, really desolate north of Dayton.

I never will forget getting blown off of a very snowy I-75 at 0400 around New Knoxville, Ohio …