New Perspective on Old Music

I’m getting to know a whole new Over the Rhine as I sit and listen to more stuff from when Ric Hordinski was in the band. The OtR that I know and love is the Good Dog, Bad Dog and Ohio OtR: quiet, sensual, and focused on Karin and Linford.

The OtR I’m hearing right now is a much more rocking band: the Amateur Shortwave Radio, Besides, and Cutting Room Floor OtR greatly benefitted, sonically, from Hordinski.

This makes me ponder the parallels that I, as a Caedmon’s Call fan, will see as the band transitions from its first era [with Derek Webb as vocalist/songwriter and Aaron Tate as songwriter] to its second [with Andrew Osenga in Derek’s place and other non-touring songwriting voices like Randall Goodgame].

Now I know how new Caedmon’s fans feel—hi, Rick!—ones who don’t know what the My Calm // Your Storm fuss is all about, people for whom Aaron is just a name in the liner notes.

A Curious Obsession

Thanks to Jeff, I picked up three Over the Rhine rarities CD‘s from Paste Music: Besides, Amateur Shortwave Radio, and The Cutting Room Floor. At this point, the only pieces of the OtR discography own are Patience, Eve, the independent release of Good Dog, Bad Dog, and The Darkest Night of the Year. At Jeff’s behest, I’ll hold off on buying TDNotY until late October or early November, since it is their retelling of the Christmas story. I can’t promise that I’ll wait on the rest.

Best be saving your pennies, put ’em back for a very long walk…

[Man, Weblogging during the heyday of my discovery of CC would be sooooooo rewarding …]

“There is a one-drink minimum per set.”

Our OtR tickets are here. The show is at Canal Street Tavern, which, as you might guess, serves alcohol. On the tickets: “There is a one-drink minimum per set.”

They’re going to force us to have beer, Rick.

They obviously don’t know me very well.

When we get back, I’ve got this nice, long rant saved up for about legalism and expectations for para-Church organizations—like “Christian” bands—that don’t meet what the Bible really tells us.

In the meantime, I’ll be going to see a band of Christians play spirit-infused music in a bar in my old hometown.

This is frickin’ awesome.


This being the third time I’ve mentioned this trip … I think I’m excited about it.

Friday, April 30: Drive from Huntsville to Jackson, TN. Caedmon’s Call show at 8:00 p.m. [Please don’t ask me how I got tickets to a closed show. No, I can’t get you tickets. Yes, I suck.] Crash at the parents’ house. [Unfortunately, folks, Jess is not coming, but y’all get to see Rick.]

Saturday, May 1: Drive from Jackson, TN to Dayton, OH. Site-seeing in Dayton and my old hometown of Beavercreek. Over the Rhine show at 9:30 p.m. [Please don’t ask me how I got lucky to have tickets to this show; of course, I’m still waiting on my SASE with tickets, and I haven’t seen a cleared check yet. I am angst-filled.] Crash somewhere: perhaps with old friends, perhaps at a hotel.

Sunday, May 2: Church at Aley United Methodist Church in Beavercreek, if Rick and I can pull ourselves out of bed in time to go. 🙂 Drive home to Huntsvegas. Take Rick home as quickly as possible before Jess and the dogs miss him too much. Drive home. Sleeeeeeeeeeep.

Rick will be assimilated into the CC world, to be sure. How many people get to schmooze with the band at their first show? Okay, with CC, that’s common. Big deal.

My Growing OtR Addiction

Well, I’ve moved on from a complete addiction to Ohio to a complete addiction to Good Dog, Bad Dog. I have Films for Radio—which has some things that I like—and Till We Have Faces left to conquer.

Anyhow, Paste Music–through–is doing a $25 sale of the three OtR rarities CD’s. As Jeff says, “It’s like having Guild 1, 2, and 3 from CC without having to resort to eBay!”

The addiction is bad, folks. Reeeeeeeeeal bad. So bad, Rick and I are going to Dayton, Ohio next Saturday to see them … the day after seeing CC in my parents’ hometown.

Now for a camcorder … 😀

Music Overload

I’m overloaded with music.

To my left are six albums that I’ve bought in the last week–including Over The Rhine’s Ohio. I have Eric Clapton’s Me and Mr. Johnson, Till We Have Faces, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Films for Radio, and Ohio from the aforementioned OtR, and hey … it’s Caedmon’s Release Day! Yes, despite the fact that it’s a greatest hits disc, I bought Chronicles from Caedmon’s Cizall. For one, I was at one of the shows where the live cuts were made. For another, there are two new songs—one by Andy O!—as well as stuff about their current recording trips around the third world.

I’m way, way overloaded.