Rescue Me Season 2 DVD Release Date

Lots of folks have been asking in the comments section of my Rescue Me Season Three News entry when the second season of Rescue Me would be coming out on DVD. Prompted by a comment from Mike, I went and did some looking: Rescue Me – The Complete Second Season shows up on Amazon with a release date of 9 May 2006. Mike says he hears it’s coming out a week earlier; I’ve emailed him with a request to let me know his source.

Either way, it looks like the goodness that is Rescue Me will be out for all to see on DVD soon!

Rescue Me Season Three News

I watch my server logs: I know that a lot of Googlers get here wondering about FX’s Rescue Me, a show that I really, really happen to love. Lately, folks seem to wonder: “When is the new season of Rescue Me going to start?” Best as I can tell, we can expect that sometime in the second quarter of 2006—I’d bet on May.

FX recently picked up Rescue Me for a third season, ordering 13 episodes. Production of season three begins early next year and will debut in the second quarter of 2006.

— Futon Critic

The pickup comes despite the fact that ratings for the show, which stars Denis Leary as a damaged New York firefighter, have been flat this season. Production on the new batch of 13 episodes is scheduled to begin early next year, with a premiere date targeted for spring or early summer.

“Once again, Denis and [co-creator Peter Tolan] have delivered a brilliant season,” says John Landgraf, president and general manager of FX. “They continue to create wholly original storylines which pull off the difficult task of blending riveting drama with raucous comedy. We’re extremely proud of this show, which is one of the very best television has to offer.”


As for the odds of [Gavin sister] Maggie coming back next season, [Tatum] O’Neal says, “I think they’re pretty good. They’ve already told me they’ve written me in. Leary told me, ‘You want to work a day a week for six months, Tate?’ ‘Sure! It’s in New York. My kids are in school. No problem.’ So that’s great.”


I think having Tatum O’Neal as a part of the cast next year would be great. I personally can’t wait for Season Three—I’m expecting that it’ll show up sometime in May or June.

Rescue Me Returns to Air June 21

I needed a Sunday afternoon nap, and, as always, NASCAR came through for me. But before I could go into a racing-on-TV-induced coma, I saw something joyous: Rescue Me returns to air June 21. [My earlier entry on this was erroneous, as I couldn’t read that the date was related to the beginning of filming.]

The DVD of Season 1 will go on sale this Tuesday, June 7. Hooah.

Second Season of Rescue Me Starts March 8th

A commentor asked when the second season of Denis Leary’s Rescue Me was going to start. I was curious, too, so I did a little looking. A little Googling turned me to the Boston Herald story from today on this very topic: Rescue Me returns to the air on March 8, 2005.

I can’t wait! I got a big tease a couple weeks ago when NBC’s Law & Order had Daniel Sunjata and Andrea Roth in the same episode. [I was quite, quite disappointed when they didn’t have Uncle Teddy (Lenny Clarke) as the rich husband of Roth’s character!]

Leary’s Rescue Me Gets Second Season

Denis Leary’s Rescue Me, one of my favorite shows of the summer, has been renewed for a second season.

FX has renewed the show about New York City firemen, asking for at least 13 additional episodes. The series is filmed on location around New York City and draws about 9.5 million viewers over the course of its five airings each week.

It averages about 2 million viewers ages 18-49 � the key audience prized by advertisers � in its Wednesday 10 p.m. slot. That’s turned out to be the highest total in that demographic for a new basic cable show this year.

I had a minor panic when this past week’s ep mentioned “three more episodes” without noting whether it had been renewed. I’m thankful that it has—it’s rapidly become a show I very much look forward to watching each week.

Denis Leary’s Rescue Me

As I posted on the .net forum, I think that Denis Leary’s Rescue Me is going to be a really, really good TV show. FX is airing it 3-4 times a week here in the first few weeks of the show to give non-TiVo users an opportunity to see it—probably betting on cashing in on buzz driving eyeballs—and if you like comedy/drama, it’s good stuff.

I watched the premiere of Rescue Me, and I think this is going to be a great show. There is language—what do you expect, Denis Leary’s involved!—but the storyline seems to be pretty good. The characters feel real, even if they’re quasi-stereotypical.

FX is showing the show 3-4 times a week for the first few weeks; I know they’re showing it tonight at 11e/10c/9m/8p. I’d give it a whirl if you like drama with comedic overtones.