It’s Worth It, Barely

Boss: “How was your weekend?” Me: “Honestly, pretty shitty. I spent all weekend tangling with my Web server and got three hours’ sleep.” Boss: “I’m not really sure that it’s worth the time that you put into it.” Me: “Trust me, on days like today, I wonder about that myself.”

Self-Reflexive Rulesets in Online Communities

I think that Tom Coates’s thinking about online communities seeking self-reflexive rulesets is awesome. Most communities are pretty darn hierarchical, and while you need that at some points in your community—especially early growth—I’m not sure that it’s the best thing for the long term, no matter how benevolent the folks at the top are. Change… Continue reading Self-Reflexive Rulesets in Online Communities

Y’know, since I started down the BitTorrent-music-bootleg path back in December—for which I thank Mark Smiley—I’ve been wanting to find a reasonably decent tracker solution for []. Fast forward to the spring a bit, when Bryan grabbed for an indie-support project he was wanting to do. We were shaping that and figuring it out… Continue reading

I Think I Created a Monster

I gave the [] folks their own wiki. This is going really well, and the folks I figured would be on top of it are. People want to tell their stories; communities want to tell them collaboratively. Give ’em the space.