Electrical Issues

You know, whenever Amy will let me at Quarto, there will be a whole category entitled the “Darlene Saga”. I keep wondering if I should have taken my grandmother up on her offer of $5000 the Friday after the accident … I’d have a perfectly good working 2002 Subaru WRX sedan and a broke-ass electrical… Continue reading Electrical Issues

Truck Back, But …

I went and got the truck back this afternoon. All was fine until I was driving down University and went to change lanes. I signaled … but there wasn’t the familiar mechanical sound that goes with my blinkers being engaged. At the next stop light, I checked my blinkers in the chrome bumper of the… Continue reading Truck Back, But …

Office 1, Truck 0

Well, the truck is almost ready [they’re adding the last part now, but they’ve already done all the cleaning and aligning … poor bastards having to clean my truck, muahahahahhahahaahah!]. I’m not. I’m stuck in meeting hell with Boeing people. That’s not entirely true, though, because I am posting. They finally got my new office… Continue reading Office 1, Truck 0

Another Day, Another Delay

Well, I’ll get the truck tomorrow. Yeah. They hadn’t looked at the aftermarket grille they’d ordered until today; found out it was crap. Ordered a new one from a local dealership just to get it ASAP [waiting on an aftermarket one would have caused a three-day slip, and the rental car company is now charging… Continue reading Another Day, Another Delay


This weekend, I’ve not been good for much. Headaches [freaking sinuses], just generally tired. I’ve gotten some stuff read for class, which is good, because the weekends are going to be prime studying time, but still … I just feel like I’ve been next to useless. Oh well, maybe I just needed to recharge the… Continue reading Blah

Darlene Update

Well, here I am a month and a couple of days after my incident with the tree, and my truck is still in the shop. -sigh- Because these guys are trying to get it perfect, it will be no earlier than Friday when it’s ready. This is disappointing, when you consider that I originally should… Continue reading Darlene Update

Big To-Do

Again, m4d pr0pz to Todd, without whom I’d be wholly screwed on the moving front. Damn, I miss my truck. Of course, the Semi is so big that we got two loads’ worth of my truck in his. I really need to repair my bed. The bottom frame’s cross-piece is starting to get stripped out.… Continue reading Big To-Do

Frustrations Mount

I swear, it’s not enough to tell some people what you need them to do in order for you to help them with their job. I think you need to write it on their hands and their foreheads [in reverse] in permanent ink so they can’t help but realize what you’re asking. Because of that,… Continue reading Frustrations Mount

Car Troubles, Part Deux

Last night, as I was heading home in the rental chariot, the radio quit working. Just … dead. Nothing on the LCD at all. No sound out of the speakers. The rest of the car was running okay, though, so I kept on driving it. I got to a stop sign and stopped, and the… Continue reading Car Troubles, Part Deux