GNM: Uncle Tupelo, 1994-04-29: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA


Source: Soundboard > Sony TCD-D7 (patched out of house cassette deck)
Transfer: DAT clone(1) > Tascam DA-20 > M-Audio Audiophile USB > PC > Wavelab 5.0
Taped by Jake, transferred by mrpember

Source: CSB mics (battery box) clipped on glasses > Denon DTR-80P
Transfer: Master DAT > Tascam DA-20 > M-Audio Audiophile USB > PC > Wavelab 5.0
Taped and transferred by mrpember

Wavelab 5.0 (syncing, mixing, normalizing, fades) > CDWave (tracking) > Flac (level 6)
Mixed by mrpember (June, 2007)

My friend Jake recorded from the soundboard at this show (you can hear us discuss it after the 1st song), and I decided to record using mics just in case there was a problem with the board tape. The board tape came out nice, but a like many board tapes, is a bit sterile. Also, the sound engineer created a mix just for the board tape, and he mixed Jay’s voice quite a bit louder than Jeff’s. This sbd/aud mix evens that out a bit, and I think it gives a much better idea of the feel of the room on the night when UT played the Blue Note for the last time in front of a rowdy crowd of hardcore fans.

Dedicated to Bob Downing (our host for these shows) and to Barry, who can be heard loudly exclaiming his love for the band before the first song.

release1994-04-29: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA (disc 1) and release1994-04-29: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA (disc 2).

GNM: Uncle Tupelo, 1994-04-28: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA

Source: CSB mics (battery box) clipped on glasses > Denon DTR-80P
Transfer: Master DAT > Tascam DA-20 > M-Audio Audiophile USB > PC > Wavelab 5.0 (editing, fades, normalizing) > Flac (Level 6)
Taped and transferred by mrpember (transfer, November 2007)

This show was part of a whirlwind long weekend. My friend Marcus and I saw Superchunk at the Cat’s Cradle on Wednesday night (April 27), and then took off at 3 AM for Columbia to catch the first of the final four Uncle Tupelo shows. We drove straight through, getting to town at 5 PM. The bill that night was Blue Mountain, the Bottle Rockets playing acoustic and debuting some of the songs from BROOKLYN SIDE, and then UT. UT’s set was pretty standard for this tour, with the highlight being Brian Henneman coming out for the second encore.

Sound is good on this, though it is not quite as crisp as I’d like. The PA at the Blue Note was always “mushy” back in those days, even if you you were right up close.

Sadly no longer on DIME, but so good that I’ll definitely re-seed upon request.

release1994-04-28: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA

Geof’s New Music: 2-8 Nov 2008

Let’s get back on track …

Here’s what I did the last time around, a month ago

Geof’s New Music: 28 Sep – 4 Oct 2008

Well, uh, you see … it’s been kinda crazy for me the last couple weeks, so I just … didn’t get to the music. But now I have … 🙂

The last week of music was above average:

Geof’s New Music: 13-19 Jul 2008

This week has two new studio releases: one that everyone has, and the other one that BMG sent me when I missed the chance to reply no. Hey, I’ll take the chance.

Last week was a very good return to form:

  • My Brightest Diamond’s A Thousand Shark’s Teeth. Nothing on A Thousand Shark’s Teeth ever grabbed me like “Golden Star” off of Bring Me the Workhorse did, but “Ice & The Storm” comes close. There’s no doubt that Shara Worden is quite ridiculously talented, but it feels on this one that she’s so there and I’m so … here, with little connection. All in all, it’s a solid effort, though. Three stars.
  • Sigur Rós’s Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Brad asked me what I thought of the new Sigur Rós pretty quickly after GNM went up last week, so I sat down and listened to it on Sunday night [which watching baseball, which was quite the dissonant experience, I assure you]. It’s … definitely quite different from what I have of their catalogue to date. I understand the criticisms of it in terms of why people don’t like the more straightforward pop direction this album took, but I’m a firm believer that bands have to experiment lest they [and/or their fans] become totally bored with the thing. Style changes notwithstanding, it’s still very much Sigur Rós—I’d recognize Jónsi’s vocals anywhere—and that’s a good thing. Bands that don’t experiment don’t grow, and bands that don’t grow die. [Unless, of course, you’re the Rolling Stones, but then Keith Richards has to be pickled from all the crap he’s ingested over the years.] Three-and-a-half stars, and it could grow on me even more.
  • 21 Apr 2002 [Toronto, ON, Canada] concert bootleg of Wilco. The set starts off with “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”, which is weird given their current sound. It’s also pre-Glenn and pre-Mikael, so it’s just an overall different feel—more straightforward than present-day Wilco [my favorite incarnation of the band]. This is a fine-sounding audience recording, which is great given its age [and how blessed we Wilco fans are with the fine rigs folks bring to shows these days]. I give it three stars.
  • 14 Nov 2003 [Los Angeles, CA, USA] concert bootleg of Death Cab for Cutie. Thin, reedy, and distant. Two-and-a-half stars.
  • 22 Apr 2005 [St. Paul, MN, USA] concert bootleg of M. Ward. The show starts out slow, and the recording is about a B-, but it’s enjoyable. Three-and-a-half stars.
  • 5 Nov 2005 [Dayton, OH, USA] concert bootleg of Over the Rhine. The Canal Street Tavern is where I first saw OtR live, in a city I used to call home, so all those shows hold a special place in my heart. [I want to see a CST OtR show in 2008 or 2009 with Lara if she’s still in Ohio then.] This is a fine, fine recording. Four stars.
  • 2008-05-04: Derek and Sandra 4 May 2008 [Birmingham, AL, USA] concert bootleg of Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken. I wish that I’d gotten a board feed of this show, because the AT2021s don’t really get lows. Of course, this works fine for acoustic singer/songwriter-y stuff, but the end result still sounds a little thin. But it sounds pretty great. Three-and-a-half stars.

Geof’s New Music: 16-22 Mar 2008

No real intro this week. I’m spending time and energy this week getting a new hard drive on my new mini and getting all the music off of my old mini. Such are the joys of having a 200GB+ music collection…

Last week was very, very good to me:

  • Five O’Clock People - Temper Temper Five O’Clock People’s Temper Temper. Simply fantastic. I hadn’t been listening to the stuff on their MySpace, so I wasn’t prepared for the shift to a bit more of a modern rock sound [in spots], but … very nice. Four stars.
  • Led Zeppelin - Coda Led Zeppelin’s Coda. Okay, so we all know what this album is: an album put together by the remnants of Zep after David Bonham’s sad death. I … just kinda wish this hadn’t been made. :shrug: Two-and-a-half stars. I need to get Houses of the Holy so I can finish my tour through the LZ catalog on an up note.
  • 2 Mar 1992 [New Haven, CT, USA] concert bootleg of Uncle Tupelo. Two-and-a-half stars. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m burned out on Uncle Tupelo or if I’ve just been babied by superior bootlegging technology.
  • 11 Feb 2005 [Richmond, VA, USA] concert bootleg of Caedmon’s Call. It’s a soundboard, Danielle’s not there, and it sounds flat to me. It’s good, but this is one of those recordings that reminds me why I generally prefer AUDs to SBDs. [No, really, I do.] Three stars.
  • 14 Dec 2006 [Nashville, TN, USA] concert bootleg of Over the Rhine. It’s pretty meh. That was definitely not the best recording environment, nor the best recording setup. Two-and-a-half stars.
  • Sandra McCracken - 20070316 - cover 16 Mar 2007 [Nashville, TN, USA] concert bootleg of Sandra McCracken. As I listened to this one, I thought about two things: one, thanks to Stephen Lamb for babysitting my recorder that night so I could walk around and take photos all night, and two, man, do I wish that I’d had a bass roll-off for this show. If I had, it would be as good as I could get out of single-point stereo omnidirectional microphone. Three stars.
  • Wilco - 20080218 - cover 18 Feb 2008 [Chicago, IL, USA] concert bootleg of Wilco. Fan-fucking-tastic. That’s it. The second disc … my oh my. Four-and-a-half stars. This is why I prefer AUDs.