I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school. May 2nd cannot get here fast enough. I will spend the summer as an auto-didact and will return refreshed for the fall.

Who knew that my white screens weren’t hardware-induced but rather an artifact of never wiping and reinstalling a machine that I’d been carrying over for six or seven years, from my first mini until now?! I’ve been down six months because I was convinced that it was hardware.

I want on Twitter right now like I haven’t wanted to be on there before.  It’s a function of needing some distraction and being disconnected from my friends.  If it were late March, I’d break down, but I’m just nine more days away.  I can do it.  I haven’t even taken leave of feast Sundays.

There’s nothing like waking up at 0415 realizing that you structured your experiment incorrectly. Thankfully I’ve only taken 3/8 of my data. I’ll probably have to throw out one data point at the most.

ETA: Happiness is salvaging all of your data points, reworking the random order to tweak what you’ve run, and not losing any data taken already.  Hell, I’ll finish a day earlier.  Thank you, pagan DOE gods.

Holy hell. All I did yesterday was watch TV. I can’t even do that today. One exam was moved to Monday. I’m waiting on the other… in bed.

I’ll spare you the image of my left eye and its vascular irregularities.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m partly Irish. My maternal grandfather’s lineage goes right back to Eire in the 1700s (I think, I’d need to check the date to be sure).

I’m a good liberal guy and think that Healthcare.gov is a good thing, but dammit, I was on the phone with them for 1h19m, persevering through terrible hold music and being on hold for an hour while they figured out how to code my meager income, and … then my call gets dropped.

Fuck.  I opened this up purely to complain about the bad hold music (see: safety valve), but holy shit, this is just bad.  They have my number to call me back, I guess, but I’m guessing that they won’t.  So …